LTCA's 25th Anniversary Season

Join the LTCA in celebrating the accomplishments and transformative opportunities of the past 25 years as we look forward to the next quarter century...

LuCille Tack

Who was LuCille Vivian Tack? A native of Spencer and a 1920 graduate of Spencer High School,..


In August 1994, the Spencer School District received a bequest from the estate of Mrs. LuCille V. Tack, a life-long resident of the Village of Spencer, to construct a fine arts center...

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Now in its twenty-fifth season, the LuCille Tack Center for the Arts (LTCA) remains a place of entertainment, culture and education. Much of its programming is made possible through the generous and deeply appreciated gifts of many donors. ..

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If you'd like to join our merry band of volunteers, we ask that you complete an application to help match you with an appropriate task. Knowing a current or past LTCA Volunteer is advantageous, but certainly not needed. Most volunteer opportunities require no prior knowledge, just a good attitude, willingness to learn, common sense and a smile.

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