LuCille Tack Center for the Arts - 2024-2025 Season

Gallery Exhibits

These displays by the area artists may be viewed during their opening receptions, at the time of a performance, or by appointment. [email protected] or 715-659-4499

October-November 2024

Jason Hornung

Illustrating: My Spiritual Connection to Nature

Jason Hornung - Clintonville, Wisconsin

My name is Jason R Hornung. I am an Artist and Illustrator based out of Clintonville, Wisconsin. My passion and muse is to illustrate with a specialty in wildlife, focusing on faces and paying extra close attention to expression and fur detail. This is where the spiritual connection is made between my illustrations and the viewer. I like to have fun and be playful with art and illustrative creations. Simply put, art and illustration are fun for me as they provide a physical and mental break where I can disconnect from the stresses and obstacles of my everyday life and escape into creativity.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th, 2024 5:00 - 7:00 pm *Free Admission

December 2024

Spencer Elementary Student Art

A variety of media and thematic elements are reflected in the 2D works of these young artists.

January-February 2025

Jill Fortin & Justin Markgraf

Jill Fortin

Beauty in the Broken

Jill Fortin

I love all art mediums.As an art teacher for 20 years I needed to be able to produce a variety of art.Teaching pottery and glass classes really was my passion.This body of work represents the broken memories of the past.I have created these landscape mosaics of places that I have traveled to all over the world.I hope to bring the viewer of my art into a place where they can find beauty among the brokenness of the past.I use shards of clear glass to create mosaics of a variety of backings.

Justin Markgraf

Art of Therapy

Justin Markgraf

All of the artwork in Justin's show comes from his Masters in Art Therapy program that he is currently attending. As a future art therapist, the expectation is to always work on our artwork. We have a push to step outside of our comfort zone as well as use the mediums we are most comfortable with. I began my journey as an undergraduate student at UW-Stout pursuing a BFA in Studio Art. That led me to a Post-baccalaureate degree in art teaching from UW-Milwaukee. I have always created art and over the years I have focused on ceramics and drawing. My 15+ years teaching in the public school setting have both honed my skills further and have helped me figure out my nextstep, becoming a board-certified art therapist. I am sharing my journey as it has brought me great personal therapy.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 3rd, 2025 5:00 - 7:00 pm *Free Admission

March-April 2025

Gilliane Rekowski - Midwest

Arbor Vitae

Gilliane Rekowski - Midwest

Gillianne, also known as GilliBean, is a Midwest raised artist with a fondness for wild, uninhabited landscapes. This exhibit is titled:Arbor Vitae, which means tree of life.Since life is rooted in nature, she creates convivial naturescapes using acrylic paints in an array of vivid colors. GilliBean currently sells her work through her website,, which she opened in 2021. As an artist she has had work in art shows and galleries and was awarded for her 2D artwork at an art show in 2022.Her ambition to create drives her, and her explorations are a never-ending source of inspiration for future creations to come.New collections are released throughout the year and commissions are also accepted. Please reach out via her website at or via email [email protected].

Opening Reception: Friday, March 7th, 2025 at 5:00 - 7:00 pm

May 2025

Spencer Middle & High School Student Art

Enjoy the fine art pieces of Spencer Middle and High School students.